Are your inflatables safe and clean?

Absolutely! Our inflatables have been custom designed to account for heavy, indoor use. Each inflatable goes through rigorous testing for all ages before it is released from the manufacturer. At our facility, each inflatable is anchored to the floor, wall, and/or ceiling to provide extra stability. All of our equipment is cleaned and inspected daily and is on an ongoing maintenance schedule.

Are socks required?

Yes, socks are required for everyone that enters the facility. This includes the children playing on the inflatables and the supervising adult. There are no exceptions, we do sell socks for your convenience.

Is each guest, including adults, required to have a completed/signed waiver?

All participants at Go Bonkerz Indoor Playground must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent/guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 18 years or younger may be included on the same waiver.

Are there any age/height restrictions?

Yes;  Some of our equipment is designated for children under 3 years old and less than 36″. The majority of our inflatables and our soft play equipment is designed for children over 36″.

Can adults play on the inflatables?

Yes, and as long as they are accompanied by a child they play for free.  Some of the inflatable units have height restrictions of 60″. No adults are permitted in our facility that do not have children.

Does Go Bonkerz Entertainment provide supervision in the play areas?

Yes; though parental supervision is required at all times – our fun and friendly staff will provide supervision in the inflatable play areas so you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere and playground.  Our staff is present to watch our equipment and to ensure our rules are followed at all times. Parents are still present within our facility to supervise their children and to ensure their children follow the rules. Our rules are intended to be followed and if our staff see our rules being broken; we will bring it to the parents/guardians attention immediately.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff and party hostesses are always welcome and always appreciated.

Can a guest play while wearing a cast?

In the interest of safety, any guest wearing a cast or other motion limiting medical device (splint, sling, or brace) will not be permitted to participate on the inflatables. While we welcome them to attend the party and will not charge for their attendance, they will be prohibited from playing on the inflatables.

Is there an additional charge for parents, siblings, and/or care-givers?

Adults or Care-Givers(18 yrs old) accompanied by a paying child are FREE. However, siblings or any additional guests that intend to play on our equipment are required to pay. G

What forms of payment are accepted?

For your convenience we accept cash, Visa & MasterCard, Discover, American Express as payment options. Sorry checks are not accepted for payments of parties or Open Play. Checks are acccepted payments for Field Trips however if checks are returned for non payment there is a 75.00 bank fee accessed for each return for non payment.

What type of safety instruction is provided?

At Go Bonkerz we pride ourselves on safety. Our desk attendant will provide our rules to the parent as they receive their security bracelets. After our waiver is signed we will go over the rules verbally before you enter the facility.

Birthday Party

What time should my guests and I arrive at the party?

We ask that you and your guests arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled party to allow time for our party hostess to check everyone in, put our bracelets on all the children and go over our rules.

Will there be a Go Bonkerz staff member available to assist me in the party room?

Yes – several staff members will be available to assist you throughout your entire party.

Can I have a party for more than one birthday child?

Yes. A sibling may be added with no additional charge. Non family members wanting to share a birthday event will incur a charge of $50.00 extra for each additional birthday child (limited to 2 kids; the extra child(ren) must be added when the party is originally booked). We cannot merge parties that have been booked separately at anytime. If an exception is made at any point the deposit policy still remains as NON refundable.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. The balance of your party is due and payable on the day of your party at it’s conclusion along with any additional party add on’s and gratuity.

What food items can be brought into the facility?

You may bring your own cake or cupcakes to your party. We’re sorry, but absolutely NO other outside food or drinks are permitted.  We do provide pizza and/or ice cream upon request. Please ask you party hostess or manager for additional pricing and details.

What if I need to reschedule my party?

To avoid additional charges,we require at least 14 days advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your party. Your party must be rescheduled within 3 months of original date. If you cancel or reschedule your party within 7-14 days of the event, you will be responsible for 50% of the total price. If you cancel/change your event within the 6 days of your party date, you will be responsible for 100% of the total party price. Remember that your deposit is non-refundable(no exceptions). Please understand we must do it this way because we could have scheduled another party in your time slot. Cancellations cost us money.

Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the party room?

You’re welcome to use your own decorations and/or paper products in the party room. To preserve the integrity of our party rooms, we do not permit wall or ceiling decorations, silly string, or confetti. We are not responsible for items left behind, Although we do keep items for a max of 30 days in our “Lost and Found”. Please call the store at 724-717-4874 if you did leave something behind.

How do I schedule a Go Bonkerz party?

It’s easy! Just give us a call or email us here – we’d be happy to reserve your special day and time! For your convenience, you can also request a date or book your party online.

What if I am late for my scheduled party time? What if my Guests are late?

We understand that circumstances happen, however, our parties start promptly at the scheduled time. Since there may be other parties scheduled after your party time, we may be unable to extend your party time. If your party begins after your scheduled time due to waiting for late guests, you will have less time in the arenas and, possibly, the party room. If your guests arrive late and you have already started your party, we will escort your guest to your party.

Are there any additional items I need to bring to the party?

If you will be bringing a cake, please bring candles. For your convenience, we also have candles, and socks available for purchase.

How many guests can I invite?

Please refer to the Birthday Party section of the website for the designated guest count.

When should I order food for our party?

Goodie bags? Balloons? And other party options?
We will call you 1-2 days prior to your party to confirm your guest count and any other party specifics. At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to order food, beverages, goodie bags, balloons, and other party options if you haven’t already. *Because grown-ups love to eat as well, we have an entire full menu to choose from. (adult food is not included in your party package).

When must I mention that I have a coupon for my party, and can I use two coupons at the same time?

Coupons are not stackable and must be presented at time of booking. Coupons may not be applied to previously booked parties. Sorry no exceptions.

Do I need to stay at the party?

The party host is required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun!
Can I bring my own goodie bags and/or balloons?
Goodie Bags : If you are not purchasing our popular Go Bonkerz Goodie Bags you are welcome to bring your own.
Balloons: You may bring your own inflated balloons for a flat fee of $5.00. If you are unable to bring them inflated we’d be happy to inflate your balloons for an additional fee per balloon of $1.00 latex, and Mylars are $2.00 18″, $3.00 L and $6.00 XL each.
We also have a wide variety of specialty goodie bags and balloons packages available under the Party Extras section.

Can we start in the party room?

No, we’ve found that full tummies and bouncing don’t mix, therefore our parties begin in the inflatable arena(s).

What additional items are available for purchase?

PINATAS: We sell pull string piñatas as an added feature to your party experience. Prices start at $45.00 filled with toys and candy. Outside pinata’s are permitted only if they are pull string and the piñata filler is kept separate so that we are aware of the weight and contents prior to filling. If you chose to bring your own pinata there will be a $20 insurance coverage fee for all your guests.

What kind of drinks can I bring?

For your convenience, we have a variety of beverages available for purchase. We’re sorry, but you may NOT bring your own beverages to the party. *For your safety and enjoyment, food and/or beverages are not permitted in the inflatable arena(s).

Are the party prices different on Holidays and School Closings?

No. The only restriction that we impose during School Closings and Holidays for parties is that you cannot use a discount or party special price during these times.

Once in the party room, can guests re-enter the play arena(s)?

We’re sorry, but guests may not re-enter the inflatable arena(s).

Can I spend more than the designated play time in the inflatable arena?

We’re sorry, but we cannot extend your play time in the inflatable arena(s). We can however book a three hour event for you at anytime. This would give you additional time in the arenas and extended use of the party room. Additional fees apply for this type of party booking, call for complete details.

I booked a Glow Golf Party – Is there anything special I need to tell my guests?

You might suggest that they wear white, neon or glow-in-the-dark clothing so they’ll really glow under the black lights!

Is my party private or will my guests share the inflatables and party rooms with guests from other parties?

During our busy times there may be guests in the Indoor Playground that are not in your party. Your party room is completely private 100% of the time. There will not be any other people from any other parties in the party room while you are there. This allows our staff to focus solely on your group and to make the occasion special for your child.

Do you provide party room set up and clean up?

Absolutely! We will set up the party room just the way you want it and clean up afterwards.

Do you have a refrigerator for my cakes or drinks?

We do offer refrigeration for cakes but may not always have space if your cake requires freezing. Please confirm with the store if you intend to bring an ice cream cake to ensure space is available at the time of your party. We DO NOT provide space for drinks or outside food . Outside food and drinks are prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made a the facility. There is a Fee of 75.00 for outside food being brought in.

What if there is inclement weather the day of our party?

*POLICY UPDATE: In the event of inclement weather or weather related acts of God, we will reschedule your event one time. Weather related incidents out of our control can only be rescheduled for a future date and are non refundable. The new date must be within 1 year of the original date and event booking must be made within 30 days. At the time we agree to reschedule the event, the customer is responsible for 100% of the party price. No additional date changes can be made.

Open Jump

Are there height restrictions on the Inflatables?

Some of our inflatables are designed for toddlers and have a maximum height of 42″. The majority of our inflatables are for children 36” tall.  Children of any height may play on the Orca Soft Play Equipment and video games, air hockey, etc.

Do I need to stay with my child while they are at Go Bonkerz?

Yes – parental supervision is required.

Is the admission cost refundable?

Admission Fee is applied to all children entering Go Bonkerz, and is for admission into the playround or golf course. Admission Fee is non-refundable once the session has begun.

How long can we be in the playground?

We offer timers to our parents and bill in one hour increments. When you hour nears it’s end – your timer will go off and your time will end. If we are not in que – you may pay for additonal time and stay within our facility.

Special Events

How do we pay for Special Events?

Special events must be pre-paid in advance and are non refundable or transferable. There are no discounts or coupons excepted for special events other than our in store emailed promotions or coupons. Special Events include but are not limited to: Parents Night Out, Holiday Special Events, General Special Events, School Closings.

Other Ways to Play

Are reservations required for camps/groups?

Yes. We require a reservation and a deposit payment in full for all camps/groups. There is also a camp registration packet that must be completed prior to attending the first day of camp. All scheduled camp dates must be chosen at the time of registration and may not be moved or changed once registered for camp. Unattended camp sessions or customer cancellations will be deemed forfeited for the date registered.